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Where The Buffalo Roam
The Herd
     The first group of bison we brought into our ranch comprised of ten heifers (females) and one bull (male) that we purchased from Rock Creek Buffalo. We officially designated our first group as the "B" group and we named each and every one of the heifers and bull.
     Bob Marley aka Marley is our main herd bull. Marley has successfully produced many of our calves over the years and we are proud to say that in our first year of calving, every single heifer from our B squad was accompanied with a calf near its side. The B group includes such characters as Buttercup to Beyonce. 
     The next group of heifers and bull we welcomed are appropriately named the "C" group. Chief aka Little Chief is the bull of the C group, and he has had success in producing calves. The names range from Cupcake to Clover.
Over the years we have added and renamed certain characters such as Geronimo the bull and Rasta Girl the cow. We have breed our own calves and purchased cows from a variety of resources such as the Wesern Bison Association auction. 
     Under the care of our ranch hand, Jim (who we also call, Noah), our herd is constantly watched and cared for. Jim always ensures that our herd stays happy and healthy at all times.
     Many of our first year calves have names including Dumpster and Delila, but we are still trying to come up with creative and fun names. If you have any ideas feel free to share. Stay tuned for updates and pictures showing our growing calves and herd.