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Where The Buffalo Roam
The Ranch
     The ranch itself, established in 1886, has a history that reaches as far back to the days of the old schoolhouse and outhouse from the original Pitcher Ranch. Our family obtained the ranch in the summer of 2006. Since then, we have been working as a family to make the ranch stronger and better, customizing it to make it bison friendly. Our shed hunting expeditions have been full of historical discoveries, including old cans and bottles from cow camping as well as arrowheads from the period of Native American inhabitants. 
      We obtained our first group of bison in the spring of 2007. Ever since, our herd has been growing slowly but surely. We also welcomed all our other two and four legged friends, including birds, donkeys, cats, and pigs. Although we are an up and coming family owned business, we hope to build our commitment and history, and we look forward to the future growth of our herd.      
     The ranch is comprised of 1,200 acres and includes a variety of buildings, including the old barn, school house, and bunkhouse. During the spring season, we aim to raise pigs for meat. We also have a hen house full of turkeys, chickens, and a rooster. We also have two inseparable donkeys named Sarge and Jerry.
     We truly believe in a natural, grass fed bison herd, which is why we raise our own hay and feed the bison as pure of a diet as possible. We are a cow-calf operation that specializes in raising top quality breeding stock. Contact us in regards to the yearlings we currently have for sale as well as for any meat products and stay tuned for more herd members and unique products brought to you by Bridge Creek Bison.